Life in Motion

When you know Change is Needed


What We Do

I work with you when you are feeling stuck, in emotional pain and needing change.


Release the blocks and emotions with a reflexology treatment.

1 hour treatment working through the pressure points of the feet that connect to your mind.

Kick Start with Action

We kick off with a conversation about where you are and what is happening. This  is an hour session where we go through the blocks that you feel you have in your life.  Then I will give you action steps to move through the emotion.


Life in Motion

3 Unique Sessions to move you from the old to the new working with the mind, body and your home.

Life and Family

Life and Family in Motion

3 Unique sessions to help young mum work through the changes when a bub comes into their life.

About Us

For the past 25 years my work has been involved in Mental Health, disability and total wellbeing.

I have not only worked in these areas I have personally guided people close to me.

I studied and qualifyed in reflexology when I had a health issue.  I found that traditional ways were not working for me hence I moved into practising Reflexology.  I have studied and qualified in Reiki, Australian Bush Flower Essence along with Access Coding, Soul Energy Feng Shui and The ART of Living Well a world renown for the way of working with the mind, body and environment developed by Chris Brazel a world leader in Brain Codes and how to train the brain.

I believe to have ultimate health it is the combination of working with the mind, the body and your environment.  When you learn about your mind and the energy connection of your mind to your body you can see how you are creating the same energy in your environment.  By working with your environment you get to step out of the emotions and into action.  Action will always take you on the journey to the new changes you want.

"Working with your home environment, you step out of the emotion and into powerful action steps to change your life"


Reflexology is an amazing way to remove and release mind blocks in the body.  Your feet speak when you touch a point on your foot you can release a block within the body.

From this session you are welcome to move to my kick start with action session.  Where we can really get into the emotions of the past and the present and I can give you easy and simple action steps to move you forward in life.

Chat with Action

Often clients are blocked with emotions.  When you book at chat with action I work with you through the emotions you are feeling or facing.  I will then give you an action plan over 2 weeks to create movement.  Working with colour and your environment you are able to step out of the emotional block and into the action of taking back your power.


Life – Change the Easy Way Kick Start


Working with you with an action plan working over 3 powerful session with 2 weeks in between each session.

We work with colour, your home environment and an emotional block.  You will be amazed how easy the blocks crumble.


1st Session with your brain codes and working with two rooms and two colours is $360.

2nd and 3rd session working with 2 rooms and 2 colours is $320.


Life – You and Your Family

This is an excellent way to bring the family together in peace and harmony in the home.

Often when one person is out of sync with the rest of the family the whole household can become stagnanat, down and stuck in life.

We kick off with each persons brain codes then we move into working with the home and colour therapy.  An easy and effective way to win in life.

First Session for 3 people with brain codes and 2 rooms $395.

2nd & 3rd Session with codes, rooms and colour is $320 per session

Take Action


Email or call today to arrange a time to chat about your life and where you are at.   From this conversation I can give you the pathway that I feel is best for you to move you to the changes you need in your life.



0490 669 632

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