The Mind Body and Enivronment Connection


Unique Coaching Packages

We kick off with a reflexology Treatment – Your Feet hold lots of secrets for the mind.

You then have the choice of either my Chat with Action Package – 3 Step Coaching Package or the 6 Step Coaching Package.

Chat with Action

One session to go through the blocks then an action plan

3 Unique Coaching Package

 Reflexology Treatment and What Changes You Want in Life

Your CB Access Codes and Action Steps in Your Home Environment

Reflexology Treatment and Final Session

6 Step Coaching Package

This package includes above plus working with colour and the mind each session.




3 Step Unique Coaching Package

Step One:

We kick off with a reflexology treatment.

The souls of your feet connect to the inner blocks within the body.

Step Two:

We go through your CB Access Codes and work on an action plan working with colour and your home environment.

Step Three:

Reflexology Treatment and final session of the mind and body blocks which have been released.


Cost:    $690.00

You can pay up front or 3 payments of $230.00





6 Step Unique Coaching Package

Step One:

Reflexology treatment working on the blocks within the body and the changes that you need in your life.

Step Two – Step Five

We work with the energy connection of the mind, body and environment.  You will work over a 2 week period with a specific colour and an area within the home.

This programmes gives you easy action steps where you can step out of the emotion and into action.

Step Six

Reflexology treament and final session of the blocks which have been released.

Cost:        $1200.00 

Or you can pay per session which is $200.00

Chat with Action

This is an easy way to kick start the changes you want in your life.

A one hour session where we discuss the blocks and the changes.

I then give you 3 action steps to work with over a 14 day period.

The action steps include colours to work with, an area in the home to work on along with an affirmation.

Three powerful easy ways to kick off to changes in your life.

 Cost:  $170.00

Take Action


Email or call today to arrange a time to chat about your life and where you are at.   From this conversation I can give you the pathway that I feel is best for you to move you to the changes you need in your life.



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