Releasing Blocked Energies through the Feet



Reflexology is an amazing way to read your body through your feet.

The Packages:

One Off Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology with Bush Flower Essence

Reflexology with Your Access Codes




Reflexology One Of Treatment

You are welcome to book a single treatment of reflexology at any time.

The appointment will take approximately 1 hour where I will work through the pressure points on your feet to unblock energies within the body and the mind.

Cost:    $100.00





Reflexology with Bush Flower Essence

You will enjoy the benefits of a full reflexology treatment followed by a special blend of bush flower essence which I will prepare for you to take home and you can work with until your next treatment.

Cost:        $170.00

Reflexology with CB Access Codes

We kick off with a reflexology treatment.  I will then work out your personal CB Access Codes  so I can teach you more about yourself.  I have been trained  by Chris Brazel Innovator and Designer of Access Codes and Brain Codes.  Knowing your codes explains why you do what you do.

After going through your codes I will then give action steps to work with to start the movement to your goals.

 This is a 3 session package.

 Session:    1hr Reflexology Treatment

Session:    2hrs CB Access Codes with action steps

Session:   1hr followup on results.

Cost:        $170.00 Per Session 

Take Action


Email or call today to arrange a time to chat about your life and where you are at.   From this conversation I can give you the pathway that I feel is best for you to move you to the changes you need in your life.



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