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It is ok to be stuck – it is not ok to stay stuck.  Your life awaits you.

MARK – Newcastle

After trying a number of therapies and seeing numerous experts with no real answers, I found Louise’s reflexology the best in helping recover from long covid for the past 11 months. Louise genuinely cares about her patients and provides a holistic approach to helping clients get back to enjoying their life.

Sonia –    Newcastle

Good morning dear Louise,How can I ever thank you.Thank you, Thank you,Thank you.For the very fist time in years,I slept well last night on my left side. My left shoulder was not hurting me any-more!!!  My hip is no longer hurting me too!!! To make it a trifecta , my right shoulder feels much better after the injection as well.

Wow!!! God has answered my prayers! I can feel it! Soon I will be able to drive again and regain my independence . I am so , so grateful .Thank you ,thank you ,thank you. God bless you a million times dear Louise you have helped me so much!Have a glorious day.

Sonia.   🙏🏼 ❤️ 🌹

 I Can Help You Move Forward in Life


Release the blocks and emotions with a reflexology treatment.

1 hour treatment working through the pressure points of the feet that connect to your mind.

Kick Start with Action

We can kick off with a conversation about where you are and what is happening. This  is an hour session where we go through the blocks that you feel you have in your life.  Then I will give you an action steps to move through the emotion.


Life in Motion

3 Unique Sessions to move you from the old to the new working with the mind, body and your home.

Life and Family

Life and Family in Motion

3 Unique sessions to help young mum work through the changes when a bub comes into their life.

"Working with your home environment, you step out of the emotion and into powerful action steps to change your life"

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Kason Espinosa

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Saif Guerra

Coaching Programmes 

Life – Change the Easy Way Kick Start


Working with you with an action plan working over 3 powerful session with 2 weeks in between each session.

We work with colour, your home environment and an emotional block.  You will be amazed how easy the blocks crumble.


1st Session with your brain codes and working with two rooms and two colours is $360.

2nd and 3rd session working with 2 rooms and 2 colours is $320.


Life – You and Your Family

This is an excellent way to bring the family together in peace and harmony in the home.

Often when one person is out of sync with the rest of the family the whole household can become stagnanat, down and stuck in life.

We kick off with each persons brain codes then we move into working with the home and colour therapy.  An easy and effective way to win in life.

First Session for 3 people with brain codes and 2 rooms $395.

2nd & 3rd Session with codes, rooms and colour is $320 per session

Take Action


Email or call today to arrange a time to chat about your life and where you are at.   From this conversation I can give you the pathway that I feel is best for you to move you to the changes you need in your life.



0490 669 632


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